Hello, my name is Robert Larson, and I am the founder of Arizona Divorce Solutions providing mediation services in the Phoenix area. I have worked as a family law attorney for many years with my law firm (Larson Law Office in Mesa, AZ) representing clients in family court cases involving divorce, legal decision making (custody), parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), division of property and debts, business assets, grandparent rights, out-of-state relocation, enforcement of court orders, modifications, etc.

While I am able to help many clients going through the litigation process, I see many cases where people could save themselves the time, expense, stress, frustration, animosity, and heartache of litigation by participating in mediation early on in the process. I formed Arizona Divorce Solutions to help people resolve their family court cases in a manner that will be less time consuming, less frustrating, and extremely less expensive. Also, if your case involves minor children, they are generally going to be so much better off when their parents are able to voluntarily resolve their differences and co-parent without having a judge tell them what to do.

Mediation is not going to resolve every case, but it can help resolve most. All it takes is two people who are willing to make an honest effort and an neutral, third-party who is experienced in family law to guide you through the process. If you would like to know more about the mediation process, please contact me at 480-459-6080 to schedule a free consultation.