My name is Robert Larson, and I started Arizona Divorce Solutions to fill a need that I have seen throughout my experience as a family law attorney – the need for effective, affordable mediators in divorce, custody, child support, and other family law cases. I have represented hundreds of people in family court during my career as an attorney. Those cases often involve mediation, and I have found I have a unique ability to help people
reach compromises that help them resolve their cases in a way that is beneficial for everyone

I recently created Arizona Divorce Solutions to separate my work as a litigator and my work as a mediator. Despite the name, I offer mediation for all types of family court cases or any other legal disputes – not just divorce. If you are interested in learning more about mediation, contact Arizona Divorce Solutions at 480-4596080 or email me at robert@arizonadivorcesolutions.com.

Why Mediation?

Every divorce or other type of family law case will be resolved in one of two ways. Either the parties to the case will resolve their issues on their own or a judge will decide for them. Mediation is an opportunity to take control over your own future instead of leaving it in the hands of a stranger.

One option, which I have seen many time as an attorney, is both sides spending huge amounts of money over many months of stressful litigation only for both to be frustrated and disappointed by the outcome. We have many fine judges in Arizona, and they do the best job they can, but at most you will have 1-2 hours to present your case, and they will have very little time to think about the decisions that have a huge impact on your life. It is almost always better to come up with your own solutions, which is where I come in.

I am familiar with Arizona laws, procedures, judges, and the trends in family law. I excel at being able to predict the outcome of case early on because I know what judges are likely to do if it ends up in their court. That is where mediation can be extremely valuable. As a mediator, I can help people get better results than what they would get in court without the stress, time, and money it would take for a trial. In fact, people who resolve their cases through mediation are usually much more satisfied with their results compared to people who resolve their cases in court. This is because you have input into the final outcome with mediation, and there is no limit to how creative you can be with solutions that you reach through mediation.

I can’t guarantee that everyone will be happy with the outcome of mediating a divorce, custody, or other family law case, but I can help make the process easier, faster, less stressful, and less expensive. If you are interested in learning more about mediation, call me at (480) 459-6080 or email me at robert@arizonadivorcesolutions.com.

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